The system of objects

Free entrance

   Yiorgos Chouliaras poetry

There were no creatures in the world
more out of key than the Sirens.
But someone deaf must have passed
first through those parts
where the tale began
about their enchanting song.
All those who followed were lost
vainly trying to retain
what is lost however much you listen.
And so their reputation was verified
as in all similar cases.
Who would now dare
to doubt such a matter.
Odysseus didn't know the Sirens
but he did know people.
The wax in his companions' ears
sealed their mouths.
They would have nothing to say
whereas he would have proved
that even the most enchanting
song can't easily escape
a tightly bound man
who doesn't want to listen.

 edited and translated by David Connolly   link      

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