What can a man see from up there?

Karouzos Nikos poetry
Joy of night, oh sonorous lights, 
marvelous evening
the colored noise of the city
divided up my loneliness, sometimes yellow, 
orange, blue, and now red
dyeing my gait pure green. 
Love had white marks. 
Stop. Rewind. 
The turmoil bore the white marks of the world. 
The clouds invisible. 
The angel radiates like marble
in the deserts of the moon, in the honeysuckle white
death is duped and the night
is amused with shooting stars. 
No, no. 
Time approaches visions
on tiptoe. 
I should have further submerged
the grief within my soul. 
The cricket ornaments expanses. 
The night comes down the stairway of darkness
sits on the passion of Mary. 
All alone the busts breathe in the gardens. 
Stop. Everything is erased. 
I want to escape from words. 
I’m sick of it. 
Better it would be to listen to what on the next balcony
two perennial old ladies are saying; 
sitting there by the hour.

Translation: Philip Ramp
Publisher: First published on PIW


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