The sky over Düsseldorf

Odysseas Elytis poetry
"Calendar of an Invisible April"
"The wind was wistling continuously, it was 
  getting darker, and  that distant voice was 
  incessantly reaching my ears : "an entire life"...
  "an entire life"...
         On the opposite wall, the shadows of the 
  trees were playing cinema"

 "It seems that somewhere people are celebrating;
  although there are no houses or human beings
  I can listen to guitars and other laughters which
  are not nearby

  Maybe far away, within the ashes of heavens
  Andromeda, the Bear, or the Virgin...

  I wonder; is loneliness the same, all over the
  worlds ? "

    "Almond-shaped, elongated eyes, lips; perfumes stemming
     from a premature sky of great feminine delicacy
     and fatal drunkeness.
     I leant on my side -almost fell- onto the
     hymns to the Virgin and the cold of spacious

     Prepared for the worst."

        "FRIDAY, 10c
         LATE MIDNIGHT my room is moving in the
         neighborhood shining like an emerald.
         Someone searches it, but truth eludes him
         constantly. How to imagine that it is
         placed lower
         Much lower
         That death too, has its own Red sea."

 Translation from Greek: Marios Dikaiakos

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