Fokas Nikos poetry

Arizona  (a next part)

I scanned the unbroken sand around with urgency,
yet failed to find
One single stone to hit the common foe and target
they embodied
Wreak vengeance on that flesh as it profaned for me
the pure infinite field of Nothingness
– By representing something – thus yet again degrading it
to theatre of life.

And ever since, I have been left on ecstasy, (hallucinating
From my prolonged exposure to this desert here), eyes fixed
in dismay on that scene
That loomed larger and larger with time, and was growing
already dreamlike unassailable,
Whereas I stay small in my thwarted aggression,
– without even a stone in my hand.

Translation: Nikos Fokas & Don Schofield and John Theocharis

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...η μελέτη του σώματος δίνει την αίσθηση ανείπωτης περιπλοκής...
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