Geometry, a man´s paradox III

Poet of mathematics. Geometry is the poet of creativity, the illusion of no real.

"...The poet’s drama, in my opinion, is not to express reality,  
but to overcome it. The true poet creates outstanding businesswith existence – that’s what I believe – and his vision, a chimeraif you wish, is to break the fetters of reality. For me, poetry is anontological self-illusion, unless the poet meets and achieves the freedom of existence (i.e. the extinguishing or reduction of theego to the intellect of the heart – i.e. what used to be called holiness) which shatters reality and leads man to the livinginfinity of universality."

Karouzos Nikos

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...η μελέτη του σώματος δίνει την αίσθηση ανείπωτης περιπλοκής...
Φρ. Νιτσε