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We protest today against the memorandum because... we still remember how the capital works...
and other thoughts about the cost of ''marble''

source: Έθνος gr

To my friends around the world:                                                                                                                    
     It is difficult for me to explain in english what is happening in Greece. There are too many special economical terms or definitions that they confine my expression.
 But, I can make it clear by a few words: the crisis in Greece is not matter of indolence or whatever they say negativly about Greeks that the media reproduce. First of all, every country borrows and, as every country,  Greece has also a high debt.
    The crisis of american banks, four years ago, created  lack of cheap money in markets because of their failed speculating efforts. After that lenders demanded an extremly high rate of interest which Greece isn't able to pay it back. Our problem begins when we asked for a loan which they didn't give us without speculation , since then we are not able to correspond in our economical obligations.
    The result is that the usual victims ( workers, employees) must pay again, as we say in Greece, the cost of the marble.

Good day, see you tomorrow

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