The secret garden with statues or talkative statues and silent men

The entrance  of the garden                                                         

Very often I walk around Dusseldorf. I 'm looking for little wonders, I try to discover the mystery of light, the special and different moment, the beauty of urban forms in which we live. I am a citizen so I love the urban landscapes, the hardness and the romance of them. Somehow, I discovered that garden, which is hidden beside altstadt of Dusseldorf. It was a revelation. A oasis, a islet in the middle of the city.
I visit it often since I discovered it and usually there are only two or three persons reading or just sitting into the trees and shadows. There is not even a whisper. I love quietness but this one is strange.
Talkative statues and silent men.

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...η μελέτη του σώματος δίνει την αίσθηση ανείπωτης περιπλοκής...
Φρ. Νιτσε