Volume of colour II

Yannis Ritsos

You shall capture a little
of the olive grove's color
the horse on the hill.
And then what?
Bulldozers scrape off the fields
pipes are run
the month of January
and from the other part
has no shops.

from Clay (1980) [Collected Poems: IDelta ---pg 89]
(translated by Scott King)

 Ritsos Yannis poetry
...Beyond the mountains there's a white country: the window have green shutters,
there's a lot of noise from all the heavy trucks hauling
workers, sacks of cement, and telephone poles.

Far away—we know—there are women,
women who are bitter and of few words. They bend over their work
holding their needles as though they were tiny rays of light,
sewing a large flag. And the windows there
shall turn rose colored as if freshly dyed...

 from Petrified Time (1949) [Collected Poems: Τα Επικαιρικα --- pg 287]
(translated by Scott King)

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