The hidden cloud

Seferis George poetry

 “If I have taste it is only
for the earth and the stones”
The angel
we had waited for him for three years concentrated
closely examining
the pines the seashore the stars
Joining the blade of the plough with the ship’s keel
we searched to discover once more the first sperm
that the old drama may recommence
We went back home broken hearted
with incapable limbs with mouths ravaged
by the taste of rust and salinity
When we woke we traveled to the north strangers
immersed into the mist by the perfect wings
of swans the wounded us
During winter nights the strong eastern wind
maddened us
in the summers we got lost in the agony of day
that couldn’t die
We brought back
these petroglyphs of a humble art


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...η μελέτη του σώματος δίνει την αίσθηση ανείπωτης περιπλοκής...
Φρ. Νιτσε