Geometry, a man´s paradox I

     The geometrical shapes are not existing in nature. They are artificial constructions. They present the way of how the human brain works. Geometrical volumes and shapes are a product of ''logical'' man. In nature there aren't these shapes except of the circle. The sun and the planets represented the cosmo's perfection that's they belong to the world of fifth element (η πεμπτουσία) . Maybe that is the reason that Greeks considered that shape as the only perfect one. 
    For me there is no empty space and I'm searching it as a shape. There is a continuity among the volumes. That's why I am looking for the secrets shapes that exist in deeper man's thought. The emptiness take an active part in my own composition. Because there is no empty space. I mean I try to make a composition of them.

The four elements
     Matter consists of four different elements, namely water, air, fire and earth. This was claimed by the Greek philosopher Empedokles from Akragas in the 5th century BC. He called the elements the roots of the matter and it was only after Aristotle (388-322 BC) that they were called elements. The elements were considered as eternal and invariable and they could not be explained.
    According to Empedokles there were also two active principles that united and divided the elements, love and discord. Whereas love was the uniting principle which kept the elements together in different substances, discord was the principle which divided the elements. At this time one did not think that empty space could exist. Therefore love and discord were also counted as elements which filled the void between the others.
    Later, Plato linked the four elements with different geometrical bodies, called Plato's bodies. Fire was represented by the tetrahedron, earth by the hexahedron (cube), air by the octahedron and water by the icosahedron.

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