Music bands of western Athens

 Here, you can listen to and find music bands of western Athens.
The western territory of Athens was been seperated by the ancient river Kifissos, which it doesn't exist anymore. their banks are covered  and a highway replaced the river. 
The expression ''beyond the river'' still exists. This territory is inhabited traditionally by members of labour's class. There live workers, employees etc. Boys and girls of those families grew in lowering area and the music was always, not the only one but a basic way of expression, an escape from drugs and social exclusion.  
 I know every member of  them and some of them are friends of mine. 
Some groups are very famous in Greece and some of them are popular in a small and special audience just in Athens. 
I suggest to listen to them, they deserve your attention.
I 'll try posting whatever new I hear from them or from any other band.
Enjoy the music.


the band ''Closer''


''the train''

 ''Still here''

 ''In my hours of need''

''After midnight popular music''

''Rain now''


''Rain now'' live


 ''Scare my day''

 ''Will -o- the wisp''

 ''Hang on a dream''

 ''Nature boy''


 ''Inward reflections''


''Διάφανα κρίνα''_diafana krina

 ''Αυτό το τραγούδι δεν είναι για σένα''

 ''Βάλτε να πιούμε''

 ''Με ρωτούν οι χειμώνες''

''Μια απέραντη θλιμμένη ανταρκτική''

 ''Η γυναίκα που διάβαζε ποιήματα''


Now, here the band ''the stereo nova'' 

''the song of wales''_''το τραγούδι της φάλαινας''

''το κλεμμένο ποδήλατο''_''the stollen bicycle''

''Little boy''_''Το μικρό αγόρι''

''Nea zoy 705''_''Νέα Ζωή 705''   ( this is the number of busline of Nea Zoy district in Athens. Very close to the place I grew)

''the era of miracles''_''η εποχή των θαυμάτων''


''Purple overdose''


dff        'Her arms embraced the sun''


                   ''fortune teller''
  ''Christofer Lawrence''


''Λευκή Συμφωνία''_Lefki symfonia 

''Μυστικοί κήποι_Mistiki kipi''

 ''Θα είμαι πολύ μακρυά_tha ime poli makria''

''Το φεγγάρι αιμορραγεί_to fegari aimorragi''

''Θα είμαι εκεί_Tha ime eki''

''Κοιτάζοντας πίσω_kitazontas piso''


''Active member'' 

''Ο αδιάφορος''
''Kαμπάνα ''

'' Άκου μάνα''

''Η μελωδία της παρακμής''

  ''Όταν βρέχει να τ' ακούς''

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